'move' <set> ['scal' <fx> <fy> <fz> <pnt>]|
                ['tra' <dx> <dy> <dz>]|
                ['rot' [<p1> [<p2>]|['x'|'y'|'z']] |
                       ['x'|'y'|'z'] <alfa> |
                       [<alfa1> <ax1> <alfa2> <ax2>]]|
                ['rad' [<p1> [<p2>]|['x'|'y'|'z']] |['x'|'y'|'z'] |
                     'p'<pnt> <dr>] | [<dr1> <ax1> <dr2> <ax2>]
                ['nor' <dr>]|
                ['equ' <trgt-set> [<tol>]]|
                ['mir' <P1> <P2>]
This keyword is used to move nodes or points which are stored in a set. Related entities will be moved as well (Warning: results are not affected by this command, they are unchanged). For example to move a line it is necessary to include their points in a set (see comp). Several transformations are available:

For example scal will scale the entities of the set, the scaling factors fx, fy, fz can be chosen independently and a reference point can be used,

move part scal 2
move part scal 1 1 2

move part scal 2 P0
move part scal 1 1 2 P0

tra will move it away by the vector dx, dy, dz,

move all tra 10 20 30

rot will move it around the axis defined by the points p1 and p2 (or the axis x,y,z) by alfa degrees,

move all rot p0 px 20.

rad will move it radially to the x-, y- or z-axis (or two points as above) or to a single point,

move cylinder rad x 20.
move sphere rad pP0 10.

The axis for the rad or rot commands can also be specified by one point and on main-axis (x|y|z) as shown in the following example:

move all rot P y 20.

The change in length or angle might be interpolated for the rad or rot cases:

move set rad x 1. 120. 2. 140.

The number 1 specifies the radial change around x at 120 length units along the x-axis and 2 is the change at 140 length units,

nor will move nodes away in the direction of averaged normal local vector. Associated element faces must exist. Eventually use the ”mids” command to correct the midside node position of higher order elements,

move set nor 1.2 a

With parameter equ points will be moved to their nearest neighbour in set “trgt-set” as long as the neighbour is not more than 0.01 units away:

move slave-set equ trgt-set 0.01

mir will mirror the set. The mirror-plane is placed normal to the direction running from P1 to P2 and placed at P2, or defined by a point and a main-axis (x|y|z) as shown in the following example:

move part mir P y