'comp' <set|*chars*> 'c'|'d'|'e'|'u'
This keyword is used to add all entities to the specified set (see seta) which depend on the already included entities (u, up), or to include all entities necessary to describe the already included entities (d, down).
For example the set ”lines” stores lines and should also include all dependent points:

comp lines do

Or the set ”lines” should also include all surfs and bodies which depend on the lines:

comp lines up

In some cases you will need only the end-points of lines. With the option e ( edges)

comp lines e

only end-points are included in the set. Option c ( combined lines) adds all LCMB's which use the stored lines. One exception to this logic was introduced for convenience:

comp nodes do

will add all faces described by the nodes in set nodes despite the fact that faces are made from nodes.

Wildcards (*) can be used to search for setnames of a certain expression:

comp E* do

will complete all sets starting with “E”.