Gap conductance (gapcon.f)

This subroutine is used to define the gap conductance across a contact pair (penalty contact only). cf *GAP CONDUCTANCE. The header and variable description is as follows:

      subroutine gapcon(ak,d,flowm,temp,predef,time,ciname,slname,
     &   msname,coords,noel,node,npred,kstep,kinc,area)
!     user subroutine gapcon
!     INPUT:
!     d(1)               separation between the surfaces
!     d(2)               pressure transmitted across the surfaces
!     flowm              not used
!     temp(1)            temperature at the slave node
!     temp(2)            temperature at the corresponding master
!                        position
!     predef             not used
!     time(1)            step time at the end of the increment
!     time(2)            total time at the end of the increment
!     ciname             surface interaction name
!     slname             not used
!     msname             not used
!     coords(1..3)       coordinates of the slave node
!     noel               element number of the contact spring element
!     node               slave node number
!     npred              not used
!     kstep              step number
!     kinc               increment number
!     area               slave area
!     OUTPUT:
!     ak(1)              gap conductance
!     ak(2..5)           not used