Face loading (ufaceload.f)

This routine is called at the beginning of each step and can be used to determine the area of faces on which loading is applied. In that way the flux through the face can be calculated and stored in an extra file. This can be beneficial for thermal calculations to check the heat flux due to convection and radiation.

      subroutine ufaceload(co,ipkon,kon,lakon,
     &  nelemload,sideload,nload)
!     INPUT:
!     co(0..3,1..nk)     coordinates of the nodes
!     ipkon(*)           element topology pointer into field kon
!     kon(*)             topology vector of all elements
!     lakon(*)           vector with elements labels
!     nelemload(1..2,*)  1: elements faces of which are loaded
!                        2: nodes for environmental temperatures
!     sideload(*)        load label
!     nload              number of facial distributed loads
!     user routine called at the start of each step; possible use:
!     calculation of the area of sets of elements for
!     further use to calculate film or radiation coefficients.
!     The areas can be shared using common blocks.