Keyword type: model definition, material

With this option the specific gas constant of a material can be defined. The specific gas constant is required for a calculation in which a gas dynamic network is included. The specific gas constant $ R$ is defined as

$\displaystyle R=\mathcal{R}/M$ (648)

where $ \mathcal{R}= 8314 \;$   J$ /($kmol$ \;$K$ )$ is the universal gas constant and $ M$ is the molecular weight of the material. The specific gas constant is temperature independent.

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defines a specific gas constant with a value of 287. This value is appropriate for air if Joule is chosen for the unit of energy, kg as unit of mass and K as unit of temperature, i.e. $ R = 287 \;$   J$ /($kg$ \;$K$ )$.

Example files: linearnet, branch1, branch2.