Keyword type: model definition

This option is used to assign material properties to 3D, plane stress, plane strain, axisymmetric and truss element sets. The parameters ELSET and MATERIAL are required, the parameters ORIENTATION and NODAL THICKNESS are optional. The parameter ELSET defines the element set to which the material specified by the parameter MATERIAL applies. The parameter ORIENTATION allows to assign local axes to the element set. If activated, the material properties are applied to the local axis. This is only relevant for non isotropic material behavior. The parameter NODAL THICKNESS (only relevant for plane stress and plane strain elements) indicates that the thickness for ALL nodes in the element set are defined with an extra *NODAL THICKNESS card and that any thickness defined on the *SOLID SECTION card (if any) is irrelevant. Alternatively, for plane stress and plane strain elements the element thickness can be specified on the second line. Default is 1.

For structures in which axisymmetric elements (type CAX*) are present any thickness defined on the present card applies to 360$ ^\circ$.

First line:

Second line (only relevant for plane stress, plane strain and truss elements; can be omitted for axisymmetric and 3D elements):



assigns material EL with orientation OR1 to all elements in (element) set Eall.

Example files: beampo2, planestress, planestress4.