Keyword type: model definition

The *DISTRIBUTION keyword can be used to define elementwise local coordinate systems. In each line underneath the keyword the user lists an element number or element set and the coordinates of the points “a” and “b” describing the local system according to Figure 151 or 152 depending on whether the local system is rectangular or cylindrical. However, the first line underneath the *DISTRIBUTION keyword is reserved for the default local system and the element or element set entry should be left empty. There is one required parameter NAME specifying the name (maximum 80 characters) of the distribution.

Whether the local system is rectangular or cylindrical is determined by the *ORIENTATION card using the distribution. The local orientations defined underneath the *DISTRIBUTION card do not become active unless:

So far, a distribution can only be used in connection with a *SOLID SECTION card and not by any other SECTION cards (such as *SHELL SECTION, *BEAM SECTION etc.).

Two restrictions apply to the use of a distribution:

First line:

Second line: Following lines



defines a distribution with name DI. The default local orientation is defined by a=(1,0,0) and b=(0,1,0). The local orientation for the elements in set E1 is described by a=(0,0,1) and b(0,1,0).

Example files: beampo4.