Keyword type: model definition

With this option a clearance can be defined between the slave and master surface of a contact pair. It only applies to face-to-face contact (penalty or mortar). If this option is active, the actual clearance or overlapping based on the distance between the integration point on the slave surface and its orthogonal projection on the master surface is overwritten by the value specified here. There are three required parameters: MASTER, SLAVE and VALUE. With MASTER one specifies the master surface, with SLAVE the slave surface and with VALUE the value of the clearance. Only one value per contact pair is allowed.

First and only line:



indicates that the clearance between master surface SURF1 and slave surface SURF2 should be 0.1 length units. SURF1 and SURF2 must be used on one and the same *CONTACT PAIR card.

Example files: