Substructure Generation

This procedure can be used to create the stiffness matrix of a substructure (sometimes also called a superelement) and store it in a file. A substructure consists of selected degrees of freedom of a model. It can be used in a subsequent linear analysis (this option is not available in CalculiX). In such an analysis, only the selected degrees of freedom are addressable, e.g. to apply loads or boundary conditions. The other degrees of freedom have been removed, thereby substantially reducing the size of the stiffness matrix. The retained degrees of freedom kind of constitute a new element (which explains the term superelement).

The substructure generation is triggered by the procedure card *SUBSTRUCTURE GENERATE. The degrees of freedom which should be retained can be defined by using the *RETAINED NODAL DOFS card. No transformation is allowed, consequently, the degrees of freedom apply to the global Carthesian system. Finally, the storage of the stiffness matrix is governed by the *SUBSTRUCTURE MATRIX OUTPUT card, specifying the name of the file without extension. The extension .mtx is default.

The output in the .mtx file constitutes the input one needs to use the superelement in ABAQUS. It consists of:

Since substructures cannot be used in CalculiX, the generation of the substructure stiffness matrix is meant to be used by other programs.