'dist' <set> [<target-set>|<shpe>] ->
              ['tra' <dx> <dy> <dz> <offset>]|
              ['rot' <p1> <p2> <offset>]|
              ['rot' 'x'|'y'|'z' <offset>]|
              ['rad' <p1> <p2> <offset>]|
              ['rad' 'x'|'y'|'z' <offset>]|
              ['nor' <offset> <tol>]
measures distances between entities of one or of two sets. For example

dist set

gives the distance range of the points and nodes in the set in x,y and z direction.

If just one point or node is included in both provided sets

dist set1 set2

then as with ”qdis” the cartesian distances, the angular distances and the radial distances are determined.

If just one point or node is included in the first set and several points or nodes in set2

dist set1 set2

then only the extremal cartesian distances from the sole point or node in set1 to all entities in set2 are determined (set1-set2).

Further parameter combinations work analogous to the ”proj” command and calculates distances to shapes or surfaces. Please look there for details, for example:

dist set1 set2 rot p0 px

The average-, maximum- and minimum distance is determined. The distance is measured normal-, rotational-, radial or translatoric.

The command writes to the ”stack”.