'anim'  'tune' <value>|'steps' <value>|'time' <value>|->
           'real' ['on'|'off']|'model' ['on'|'off']| ->
           'elem' ['on'|'off']| 'start'
This keyword is used to manipulate the animation of displacements. See also ”ds” and ”scal”. The amplification is controlled with “tune”. “steps” defines the number of frames over one periode. “time” controlls the duration of one periode. “real” switches of the automatic amplification and the real displacements are used instead. In addition the displacements of the negative part of the periode is set to zero. “model” switches the static model (undeformed) edges on or of. “elem” does this for the element edges. Start the animation with 'start'. The animation stops when using the 'ds' or the 'view' commands with appropriate parameters.