Remarks Concerning Samcef

From Paul CARRICO (2006/04/17)


1- Definition of the points
K: pnt p0 0 0 0 
K: pnt p1 1 0 0
K: pnt p2 0 1 0
K: pnt p3 2 1 0
K: plot pa all 

2- Definition of the lines
K: plus l all
K: qlin (link the points p0 p1 p3 p2 p2 p0)

3- Creation of the first surface
K: qsur

4- Creation of l0 (between p0 &p1) and l1 (between p1 &p3) sets
K : qadd lo 
K : qadd l1

4- Creation of the 2 other surfaces
K : swep l0 l1 tra 0 -3 0
K : swep l1 l1b tra -3 0 0

5- Creation of the SYMETRY set
K : plot s all 
K : qadd SYMETRY (use both a and rr keys to select all the

6- Creation of the volumes
K : swep SYMETRY s1 swep tra 0 0 1 (all the volume will be 
    automatically created)

7- Looking for common points, lines and surfaces
In the order :
K : merg p all
K : merg l all
K : merg s all

8- Creation of the LOAD set and ANCHORAG one
K : qadd LOAD (use rr keys to select the surface)
K : qadd ANCHORAG (use rr keys to select the surface)

NOTA : It's easy to verify the different sets ; for example :
K : plot b all (you can see all the volumes)
K : plus s LOAD (you can see the set LOAD)
K : plus s ANCHORAG
K : plus s SYMETRY 

9 - Mesh
K : plot ld all 
K : div all mult 2 
K : elty all HE20 (to specify HEXAHEDRA with 20 nodes)
K : elty LOAD qu8 (to mesh the set LOAD otherwise no quads will
                    be created)
K : elty ANCHORAG qu8 
K : elty SYMETRY
K : mesh all (to mesh the part with all.dat name)
K : send all sam (to export the mesh into Samcef format)
K : send LOAD sam nam (to export groups into Samcef format)
K : send ANCHORAG sam nam (see previous remark)
K : send SYMETRY sam nam

10- Modifications
It's possible now to make some modifications :
a- open all.dat file with your favorite text editor (Vi for me)
b- open ANCHORAG.nam & the SYMETRIC.nam files and do the same as
c- concatenate under Linux the files using the following schema :
        cat all.dat LOAD.nam > s1.m
        cat s1.m ANCHORAG.nam > s2.m
        cat s2.m SYMETRY.nam > part.dat
(all the sx.m files will be erased afterward)
d- open PART.dat file and go to the end => then add RETURN
e- the mesh file now works with Samcef

Another interesting way : add for each .nam file an input in your
 bank file:
input ”part.dat”
input ”LOAD.nam”
input ”ANCHORAG.nam”
etc. ...


After, it's possible to modify the mesh into BACON (extrusions,
etc. ...);
that's why the element hypothesis is not added at the end of the
file ; 
=> you must define the element definition AFTER the last mesh
 modification (.HYP MINDLIN)

12- Comments

if you've any remark or any comment or any suggestion to improve
this export format, please send a mail to
So far results can not be read.