Toggle Vector-Plot

It is possible to add small ”needles” to the plot which point with their heads in the direction of the vectors. Only entities which are marked in the database as vectors will be affected. See ”Nodal Results Block” for information on how entities are marked as vectors. Internally calculated vector-results, like the worst principal stress, are marked automatically. If one component or the value of a vector is selected, then the option takes immediate effect.

This option can be used in combination with ”Animate Toggle Dataset Sequence”.

See also the keyboard command ”ds” how to select datasets and entities with the keyboard. In this case, entities which are NOT marked in the dataset as vectors can be displayed with vector-needles. This command line approach with ”ds” is the only way to display isaac or duns-cfd-results with vector-needles. See also the command ”scal” how to manipulate the length of the vectors.