How to check an input file for ccx

A quick check of a ccx input-file can be done with cgx by reading the file with the option -c (cgx -c file.inp). After startup all defined node-, element-, and surface-sets are availabe together with internal sets which group togeter certain entities according to their purposes. The following internal sets will be created if appropriate data were found: REMARK: Internal setnames start either with a '-' or '+'. The names which start with a '-' are not listed with “qenq”.

Check the element quality with “Show Bad Elements” or use “eqal” to set thresholds and “plot” or “prnt” to actually plot or list the affected elements.

Forces regard their referenced coordinate-system (*TRANSFORM). The values are automatically transformed into the global cartesian system so that the vectors point in the correct direction.

Multiple load definitions inside one *STEP on a single entity will sum up (ccx compatible). This applies to cflux, dflux, cload, dload.