How to get the sets from a geo- or ccx-inp file for post-processing

Quite often it is useful to have the already defined sets from the pre-processing or/and the calculation available when doing the post-processing of results. The sets defined in the ccx-input file (.inp) can either be read together with the results (.frd) at start-up:

cgx results.frd input.inp

or the user may read them during run-time

read input.inp nom

(see “read”). When it comes to the sets defined in the geo file a slightly different approach is needed. The geo file must be read before the result file. So the user starts cgx in the build mode

cgx -b geofile.fbd

meshes the model (see “mesh”) and then read the results

read results.frd nom

and optionally the input file. Be aware that the parameter “nom” is essential here. Use “prnt” to get an overview over the available sets.