'val' (The parameters are the same as for 'valu'->
          except that masking with '\' is supported)
This command has the same functionality and accepts the same parameters as “valu” with one exception: The cgx command parser will substitute the parameters by previously defined values before the 'val' command itself is executed. The substitution can be suppressed with a leading '\' before a parameter. During execution it will again scan each parameter for expressions which match the name of a value and will replace the parameter by the content of the value. This way two steps of substitutions of nested values are possible:
valu a b
valu b 1.
# with valu only one substitution step is performed:
valu c a
prnt v c
-> b
# with val two substitution steps are performed:
del v \c
val c a
prnt v c
-> 1.
Please study the example ”Data storage in a user dataset”.