'seqa' <seq> ['nod'|'pnt' <name> .. <=>]|
                ['afte'|'befo' <name> 'nod'|'pnt' <name>.. <=>]|
                ['end' 'nod'|'pnt' <name> .. <=>]
This keyword is used to create or redefine a set marked as a sequential set. This set is used for spline definitions (see line). With the command qlin such a sequential set is automatically created. To begin such a set type for example:

SEQA Q003 PNT P004 P005 P006 P00M P00N

The program will create or overwrite the set Q003. The command will continue in the next line if the sign ”=” is found:

SEQA Q003 PNT P004 P005 P006 =
P007 P008 P009

The parameter AFTE will insert additional points after the first specified point in the existing sequence. The parameter BEFO will insert additional points before the first specified point and the parameter END will add additional points to a sequence.