'rot' ['n' <set>|'nodenr'] |
         [['u'|'d'|'r'|'l'|'c' <angle>]|->
This keyword is used to rotate the view-direction to the model. For example

rot u 10

will rotate the view-direction 10 degrees upwards. The meaning of the other letters is down d, right r, left l, clockwise c. The remaining letters will rotate the view into a pre-defined direction. For example the user will look in x direction after the command

rot x

and against the x direction with the command

rot -x

and so on.

The parameter 'n' is used to rotate the model in a way that the viewing direction is in normal direction at the location of a given node. Either a node-nr or a set with a node can be given:

rot n nodeset

Nevertheless the node might be obscured by other parts of the model. This can be checked with the ”test” command.