'qshp' RETURN 'w'|'n'|'p'|'g'|'h'|'s'|'S'|'c'|'q'
This keyword is used to define a plane shape. A plane shape needs 3 points (or nodes, points at their location will be generated and used) for its definition. The points are selected with the 'p' (nodes 'n') key. After the points are selected it will be generated by a 'g' keystroke. The shape can be assigned to a surface by selecting first either a shape 'h' or a nurbs 'S' and then the surface with the 's' key. The shape will then define the interiour of this surface. The selected shape or nurbs stay selected until cleared with 'c'. See also “shpe” for the keyboard controlled definition of shapes.

It can also be used for projection purposes (see ”proj”) or splitting (see ”split”).