'qrem' <set> RETURN 'w'|'a'|'i'|'r'|'n'|'e'|'f'|'p'|'l'|'s'|->
This keyword is used to erase entities from a set (see also setr). To remove entities move the mouse pointer over the entity and press the following keys, for Nodes n, Elements e, Faces f, Points p, Lines l, Surfaces s, Bodies b, Nurb Surfaces S and for Nurb Lines L. To catch more than one entity with one stroke type ”a” before and create a rectangular picking area by pressing two times the ”r” key. Both strokes define opposite corners of the rectangle. To catch only one entity type ”i” before. Press ”q” to quit the command.

It is also possible to measure distances between two pixels on the screen. Just press the key ”w” on the positions of the two pixels. The distance is calculated in the scale of the displayed geometry.