'qmsh' RETURN 'i'|'a'|'e'|'f'|'v'|'n'|'l'|'c'|'s'|'m'|'d'|'h'|->
A very useful command to optimize surface meshes as a basis for tet-meshes. Line divisions can be changed by selecting one or more lines with the “l” key and then a number as with “qdiv”. The mesh will be updated automatically.

Based on identified lines “l” or surfaces “s” meshes can be coarsened 't', refined 'h', deleted “d” and generated “m”. Surfaces can be combined “c” to get rid of very small ones and splitted 'b'.

To change the mesh density along a line:

Example for a surface combination: A surface (only without holes!) can be splitted by a crossing line: To change the mesh density in a selected surface: To change the element type from unstructured to structured or vice versa:

This keyword can be used to manually define elements. The key “n” selects nodes and the key “f” or “v” generate a surface or volume element based on the node-selection.

To catch more than one entity with one stroke, type ”a” (all) at first. Then create a rectangular picking area by pressing two times the ”r” key. Both strokes define opposite corners of the selection-rectangle. To catch only the entity which is closest to the user type ”i” before.