'qfil' <radius> RETURN 'w'|'l'|'q'
The command creates a fillet line (a radius) between two lines who intersect. After the command-name the value for the fillet-radius has to be specified. Then for each pair of selected lines a fillet of this value will be created. Select lines with the ”l”-key. Press ”q” to quit the command. Currently it works only for straight lines. A curved line can be split and the part which should be used for the fillet can be transformed to a straight form with the ”qlin” command (”s” and ”x” key-strokes). Figure 7 shows on the right side the initial situation and on the left side the created fillet. The command has also shifted point P002 to the left. Always the end-point of the first selected line closest to the intersection is moved. The second line gets a new end-point.

Figure 7: qfil: Based on two intersecting lines a fillet is created