'nurl' <name(char9)>|'!' ['DEFINE' ['COMPACT'] ->
                 <pstart> <pend> <deg> <npnt> <nknt> <div>]|
                 ['CONTROL' <index> [<pnt>|<x y z>] <weight>]|
                 ['KNOT' <index> <value>]|
This keyword is used to define a nurbs line. So far, this command is only used to read a nurbs-line definition. Nurbs lines are converted automatically into a spline. Nurbs lines can be displayed but not saved. There are two possible ways of definition. Either by using predefined point-names or by specifying the coordinates explicitly. When the coordinates are defined, the parameter ”COMPACT” must be used as shown above. When the point names are used, then ”COMPACT” must be omitted. CAD-interfaces might use this functionality.