'lcmb' <name(char<9)>|'!' ['+|-' <line> '+|-' <line> '+|-' ->
   <line>..(up to 14 lines)]|
                          ['ADD' '+|-' <line> '+|-' <line> ->
   '+|-' <line>..(up to 14 lines)]
This keyword is used to define, extend or redefine a combined line (lcmb). Combined lines are necessary if the edge of a surface should be made of more than one line. Usually the user does not create lcmb's directly. They are created automatically during the process of defining a surface with the command qsur. There is no limitation to the number of lines in a combined line. However with one command, not more than 14 lines can be specified at a time. To specify more than that or to extend an existing lcmb a modify command has to follow. For example,

lcmb U260 + U249 - U248 - U247 - U243 - U237 - U236 - U231 - U219

defines the lcmb U260 with 8 lines and their orientation in the lcmb. The following command

lcmb U260 ADD - U218 - U217

extends the lcmb U260 by two additional lines.

It should be noted that an existing lcmb can be converted into a spline with the command seqc.