Datasets are selected with the menu-item ”Dataset”. A dataset is a block of nodal values. These could be displacements due to a linear analysis or for a specific time-step during a nonlinear analysis. It could also contain other values like stresses, strains, temperatures or something else. To select a dataset, make sure that the mouse-pointer is inside the menu area. Then, press the left mouse button and move the mouse-pointer over the menu entry ”Dataset”, then continue to the right. A sub-menu pops up showing all available datasets. Each dataset entry comprises the step number (NUMSTP: see ”Nodal Results Block”) followed by the name (NAME), a dataset-value (VALUE, usually time or frequency) and a dataset-description (TEXT). Move the mouse-pointer over a dataset you are interested in and release the left mouse button. The dataset is now selected. A results ”Entity” must be chosen to see the values in the drawing-area. This Dataset might also contain automatically calculated values like the v. Mises stress and the maximum principal stress (see Pre-defined Calculations and Result Format). See also the command ”ds” to control the functionality with the command-line.