Nodes generated on the exterior of the body and which do not belong to external sharp edges of the unrefined mesh are projected onto the unrefined surface at the end of the remeshing routine (in projectvertexnodes.f and projectmidnodes.f). To that end the external face information of the unrefined mesh is first copied from field iexternfa into iexternfaor (or for “original”). Then, the value of 1 in iexternfaor(i) for the external faces i is replaced by a value j, pointing to the entries ifacext(1..6,j) containing the six nodes of the face (node numbering as in Figure 66. The number of external faces is called nexternfa (= number of lines in field ifacext). The combination of field iexternfaor and ifacext allows the program to

The elements in the unrefined mesh adjacent to the external faces are stored in element set ialsete, the number of such elements is called nexternel.

At this point the preliminary work is finished and the major refinement loop starts. It consists of two parts: refinement of the external edges followed by the refinement of the internal edges.