Element fields

The topology of the tetrahedral elements is stored in field kontet(1..4,*). This field is dynamically updated during mesh refinement. The next free entry in kontet is pointed to by ifreetet, the entries kontet(4,*) of entries in the field which have not been used yet point to a next free entry. The field kontet is special in the sense that element numbers in the unrefined mesh which are no tetrahedral elements cannot be used for newly generated tetrahedral elements, i.e. the element numbers of such elements are kept. At the start of the mesh refinement the tetrahedral elements are renumbered such that they occupy the lowest possible element numbers. The corresponding middle nodes of these elements, if any, are stored in field kontetor(1..6,*). The field kontetor is static, i.e. it only contains the middles nodes of the quadratic tetrahedral elements of the unrefined mesh. This field is used to calculate field ifacext and is discarded immediately afterwards.

Figure 185: Node, edge and face numbering within a tetrahedral element

Fields with the same number of lines as kontet are ifatet(1..4,*), bc(1..4,*), cg(1..3,*) and iedtet(1..6,*). They contain:

All these fields are dynamic. The actual size used for allocation purposes is netet_.