Concentrated loads

Concentrated loads are defined by the keyword card *CLOAD. The internal structure to store concentrated loads is very similar to the one for SPC's, only a lot simpler. The corresponding one-dimensional field for nodeboun, ndirboun, xboun, iamboun, ikboun and ilboun are nodeforc, ndirforc, xforc, iamforc, ikforc and ilforc. The actual number of concentrated loads is nforc, an estimated upper bound (calculated in subroutine allocation.f) is nforc_. The field xforcold and xforcact are the equivalent of xbounold and xbounact, respectively. There is no equivalent to nodebounold, ndirbounold, xbounini and typeboun. These fields are not needed. Indeed, if the option OP=NEW is specified on a *CLOAD card, all values in xboun are set to zero, but the entries in nodeforc and ndirforc remain unchanged. Notice that DOF zero (heat transfer calculations) has the meaning of concentrated heat source.