Initial internal variables (sdvini.f)

This subroutine is used for user-defined internal variables, characterized by the parameter USER on the *INITIAL CONDITIONS,TYPE=SOLUTION card. The header and variable description is as follows:

      subroutine sdvini(statev,coords,nstatv,ncrds,noel,npt,
     &  layer,kspt)
!     user subroutine sdvini
!     INPUT:
!     coords(1..3)       global coordinates of the integration point
!     nstatv             number of internal variables (must be
!                        defined by the user with the *DEPVAR card)
!     ncrds              number of coordinates
!     noel               element number
!     npt                integration point number
!     layer              not used
!     kspt               not used
!     OUTPUT:
!     statev(1..nstatv)  initial value of the internal state
!                        variables