Keyword type: model definition

This keyword is provided for compatibility with ABAQUS. The only parameters are FREQUENCY and FREQUENCYF. They are optional.

The parameter FREQUENCY applies to nonlinear calculations where a step can consist of several increments. Default is FREQUENCY=1, which indicates that the results of all increments will be stored. FREQUENCY=N with N an integer indicates that the results of every Nth increment will be stored. The final results of a step are always stored. If you only want the final results, choose N very big. The value of N applies to *OUTPUT,*ELEMENT OUTPUT, *EL FILE, *ELPRINT, *NODE OUTPUT, *NODE FILE, *NODE PRINT, *SECTION PRINT,*CONTACT OUTPUT, *CONTACT FILE and *CONTACT PRINT. If the FREQUENCY parameter is used for more than one of these keywords with conflicting values of N, the last value applies to all. A frequency parameter stays active across several steps until it is overwritten by another FREQUENCY value or the TIME POINTS parameter.

The 3D fluid analogue of FREQUENCY is FREQUENCYF. In coupled calculations FREQUENCY applies to the thermomechanical output, FREQUENCYF to the 3D fluid output.