Keyword type: model definition

This option is used to assign nodes to a node set. The parameter NSET containing the name of the set is required (maximum 80 characters), whereas the parameter GENERATE (without value) is optional. If present, nodal ranges can be expressed by their initial value, their final value, and an increment. If a set with the same name already exists, it is reopened and complemented. The name of a set is case insensitive. Internally, it is modified into upper case and a 'N' is appended to denote it as node set. Nodes are internally stored in the order they are entered, no sorting is performed.

The following names are reserved (i.e. cannot be used by the user for other purposes than those for which they are reserved):

First line:

Following line if the GENERATE parameter is omitted:

Repeat this line if needed.

Following line if the GENERATE parameter is included:

Repeat this line if needed.



assigns the nodes with number 1, 8, 831 and 208 to (node) set N1 and the nodes with numbers 1, 8, 831, 208 (= set N1) and 100 to set N2.

Example files: segmentm, shell2.