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This option allows the specification of the geometric tolerances in a *ROBUST DESIGN analysis. It can be defined on a node-by-node basis and consists of a mean value and a standard deviation, both in length units. In a robust design analysis random field vectors are generated representing the geometric tolerances up to a specified accuracy.

There is one required parameter TYPE=NORMAL and there is one optional parameter CONSTRAINED. TYPE=NORMAL specifies that the tolerances are normally distributed. Right now, this is the only distribution allowed. The CONSTRAINED parameter enforces a smooth transition between those parts in the structure for which tolerances were defined and the remaining parts.

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assigns normally distributed tolerances with a mean value of 1.5 length units and a standard deviation of 3.7 length units to all nodes in set N1. The random fields are constrained, i.e. a smooth transition of the random field vectors is requested between the nodes in set N1 and the remaining nodes in the structure.

Example files: beamprand.