Keyword type: model definition

With this option elements are defined. There is one required parameter, TYPE and one optional parameter, ELSET. The parameter TYPE defines the kind of element which is being defined. The following types can be selected:

Notice that the S8, S8R, CPS8, CPS8R, CPE8, CPE8R, CAX8, CAX8R, B32 and B32R element are internally expanded into 20-node brick elements. Please have a look at Section 6.2 for details and decision criteria which element to take. The element choice determines to a large extent the quality of the results. Do not take element choice lightheartedly! The parameter ELSET is used to assign the elements to an element set. If the set already exists, the elements are ADDED to the set.

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defines one 20-node element with reduced integration and stores it in set Eall.

Example files: beam8p, beam10p, beam20p.