Keyword type: model definition

With this option the force-velocity relationship can be defined for dashpot elements. Dashpot elements only make sense for dynamic calculations (implicit *DYNAMIC, *MODAL DYNAMIC and *STEADY STATE DYNAMICS). For explicit *DYNAMIC calculations they have not been implemented yet. There is one required parameter ELSET. With this parameter the element set is referred to for which the dashpot behavior is defined. This element set should contain dashpot elements of type DASHPOTA only.

The dashpot constant can depend on frequency and temperature. Frequency dependence only makes sense for *STEADY STATE DYNAMICS calculations.

First line:

Second line: enter a blank line

For each temperature a set of lines can be entered. First line in the first set:

Use as many lines in the first set as needed to define the complete frequency dependence of the dashpot constant (if applicable) for this temperature. Use as many sets as needed to define complete temperature dependence.



defines a dashpot constant with value $ 10^{-5}$ for all elements in element set Eall and all temperatures.



defines a dashpot constant with value $ 10^{-5}$ at a frequency of $ 1000$ and with value $ 10^{-6}$ at a frequency of $ 2000$, both at a temperature of $ 273$. At a temperature of $ 373$ the dashpot constant is frequency independent and takes the value $ 10^{-4}$. These constants apply to all dashpot elements in set Eall.

Example files: dashpot1, dashpot2, dashpot3.