CalculiX Extras for Ubuntu

The things that are highlighted, should be copied/pasted into the terminal.

  1. IF you plan a deployment inside a virtual machine, install virtualbox: (If you don’t know what virtualbox is, you can ignore this section.)
    1. Then install ubuntu 64 bit.
    2. Setup memory and CPU info (virtual machine not yet booted)
    3. Auto-mount a shared folder so that you can move files back and forth.
    4. Install “guest additions” (the CD should be mounted… browse files and look for the CD, the run software)
    5. (Restart for ease of explanation)
  2. Install CalculiX software dependencies
    1. You may use the “software center” or…
    2. Alternatively, you may use the command line of a terminal. I prefer this.
      1. To launch the terminal:
        1. Applications menu -> Accessories -> Terminal.
        2. Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + T
      2. Make yourself the root user.
        1. sudo su
      3. Pull the latest list of packages from Ubuntu
        1. apt-get update
      4. Upgrade to the latest available packages of those that are currently installed. This will take some time (the first time especially).
        1. apt-get upgrade
      5. Install the compilers we need:
        1. apt-get install libexodusii-dev libspooles-dev libblas3 libblas-dev liblapack3 liblapack-dev libarpack2 libarpack2-dev libparpack2 gfortran
      6. Install some (essential) software:
        1. apt-get install emacs paraview
    3. Become a regular use again (exit from root)
      1. exit
  3. Setup a CalculiX environment
    1. Follow the instructions 2-4 at
    2. cd CalculiX/ccx_2.15/src
    3. In the src directory, alter the make process using these files:
      1. patch -p3 < ../../../ccx_extras.2.15.exo.patch
      2. patch -p3 < ../../../ccx_extras.2.15.solver.patch
      3. wget
      4. unzip -o
    4. Edit the makefile as necessary
      1. emacs Makefile
    5. Then make the binary:
      1. make -j8
    6. For convenience, add this working directory to your PATH
      variable. This needs only be done once:

      1. echo PATH=$PATH:~/CalculiX/ccx_2.15/src >> ~/.bashrc
      2. source ~/.bashrc
  4. Then run a test job:
    1. cd
    2. cd CalculiX
    3. mkdir test
    4. cd test
    5. wget
    6. unzip
    7. ccx_2.15 simplebeam_spol -o exo
    1. Visualize with Paraview
      1. paraview simplebeam_spol.exo &
      2. In paraview, in the lower left corner, toggle U, S, and E.
      3. Click “apply” at the top Change the “solid color” (near top) to “S”.
      4. Change “Surface” to “Surface with Edges”
      5. Spin the model in the window
    1. Support the maintenance of this software