Sometimes you need to work on the go. Termux provides a terminal environment on your Android phone.


Termux is no longer releasing current versions on Google Play. Hence, first install F-Droid. Then search for “termux” and install it!

You may want to follow the instructions and immediately install the additional repositories. I recommend root-repo and x11-repo.

~ $ pkg install root-repo
~ $ pkg install x11-repo

Then update and upgrade

~ $ pkg update
~ $ pkg upgrade

Then install your most useful packages!

~ $ pkg install git python emacs

Note as of 11/11/2021 the pip version that is installed is out of date and can be updated

~ $ python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip

Assuming you use python, a nice development environment that works on the device is jupyter. However, currently to do this it is first necessary to add one additional library. Also quite useful is pandas.

~ $ pkg install libzmq
~ $ pip install jupyter
~ $ pip install pandas