Tools and resources for aviators, aerospace engineers, and students

This site is a public service of Michigan UAV, LLC

It highlights tools and resources for aviators; aerospace engineers and students; and RC airplane pilots.


Our projects!

  • CalculiX Extras-- Extensions to an open source finite element program.
  • Avare-- (Contributions) An open source electronic flight bag
  • Avare Charts-- (Lead) Charts and databases for Avare

Other projects we use

Here are a few other projects which we think are awesome and use frequently:

  • Calculix - A free finite element program for three-dimensional linear and nonlinear structural calculations
  • 3D Slicer - Open Source Visualization and Medical Imaging
  • Xflr5 - XFLR5 is an analysis tool for airfoils, wings and planes operating at low Reynolds Numbers
  • OpenFoam - Free, open source CFD software
  • Meshlab - Tools for processing and editing of unstructured 3D triangular meshes
  • OpenVSP - Open Vehicle Sketch Pad. Parametric geometry oriented towards aircraft design.
  • Redmine - a flexible project management web application